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About eXodus

Exodus is a community of gamers and gaming should always be about funwithout pressure or drama. The founding members all met in a community where pressure and drama were a common daily theme.
EXODUS was created with a shared that a community is only as strong as its members and the structure that brings them together. This began the development of EXODUS, a community that shares their own core values and winning mentality, while making sure every single member matters and has a voice that will be heard.

Created in July 2019, Exodus was designed from the start as a unique package of competitive gaming and fun times. Every new member is more than welcome to step up and add his piece to the community in his own way. It can include creating events for the community to participate in, bring new games to the spotlight or simply have fun playing video games socially.

Over 5,500 Discord Members
Age Restriction
Gaming Events Weekly

What is [EXD] About?

It is challenging work running a gaming community and there are many obstacles and hurdles to overcome. Rules are needed and required, otherwise chaos ensues. We have always been focused from the outset of providing a ‘pub’ type mentality of friends coming together after a day of studying or work to sit down and enjoy games together. 
Sharing in the good times….
has always been our motto. We want to focus on escapism from day to day stresses and focus on having fun, in a team focused environment. We focus on delivering gaming events for those looking to escape into the game, the true grass roots of what gaming should all be about! (Having fun!). 
And as long as [EXD] members are having fun, following the straight forward rules outlined, then that true community spirit comes to light and that’s what we’re all about. 

eXodus Structure

The structure of a gaming community needs to be built on a solid foundation in order to help achieve an active, friendly and socially focused online environment. Our first iteration of Exodus saw mistakes made and a re-structure occur. There are now four sections:

This new structure is there to make it clear and identifiable for members on who to speak to related to their query. All the Team Leaders are Leaders in Exodus, focused on delivering the very best in an area of setting up a successful gaming community. 

eXodus Team Leaders

[EXD] OJ & [EXD] Bockstone


The Community Leaders help set the culture of the community, orientated around sharing in the good times. Introducing new recruits to Exodus. Managing a team of Community Admins.

[EXD] Talon & [EXD] Leijona


The Server Leaders is focused on ensuring balanced rules are delivered and upheld across all games. Also manages the Server Admin team who is focused on dealing with complaints, taking appropriate action on gamers that don’t follow rules.

[EXD] Hockerz


The Head of Events focused on scheduling, planning and creating kick ass events for [EXD] members to attend to across all games.From training sessions, to fun scenarios, events bring [EXD] together by sharing in the good times.

eXodus Games

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