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Your donation really does helpย when it comes to running a community such as eXodus. The costs of hosting websites, subscriptions to make our lives easier and gaming servers does add up. We want to keep everything super transparent to provide our members with a true idea of the total costs that our admins are inputting into eXodus to make it that bit more special.

Our server costs alone total over $300 per month (ยฃ240 per month).ย 

You can view the typical types of costs that our community members are contributing towards!

Monthly regular donations straight through our Patreon programme unlocking exclusive merch!


Reserved Slots

Beat the queues in ALL of our game servers that we host and manage!

Special Discord Role

You can obtain the special โ€˜PATREONโ€˜ colour effect and symbol!

Secret Patreon Chat

On our Discord you have access to a top secret channel! Who knows, maybe we post some spicy new there?

Priority Support

Ah yes โ€“ the biggest benefit to being a donator! Get prioritised support from our admins!

Exclusive Merch from Patreon!

Monthly donations through our Patreon will enable regular Exodus merchandise to be delivered directly to your door!

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