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author image by eXodus | 0 Comments | 30 December 2023

EXD Opens a New Server in Squad 44

Exciting news for gamers! EXD, has officially opened a new server in Squad 44, the rebranded version of the much-loved Post Scriptum Video Game. This move signifies a fresh chapter in EXD’s mission to offer a fun, pressure-free gaming environment.

Introducing the New Server: A Gateway to Adventure

The newly launched server, titled “#1 EXD.gg ยป SQ44 ยป Map Voting All Maps,” promises an immersive gaming experience. Hereโ€™s a quick overview:

  • Server Name: #1 EXD.gg ยป SQ44
  • Features: Map Voting, All Maps
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Connectivity: Exceptional with 100% uptime over the last 7 and 30 days
  • Join the Community: Discord.exd.gg

What Makes EXD Special?

Founded in July 2019, EXD (Exodus) was born from a vision of gaming as a source of fun, devoid of undue pressure and drama. The founders, having experienced the downsides of high-pressure gaming communities, sought to create an oasis where every memberโ€™s voice matters.

By the Numbers:

  • Over 6,500 Discord Members
  • Age Restriction: 16+
  • Weekly Events: 5+ Gaming Events

EXD stands out with its pub-like atmosphere, where friends gather to unwind and enjoy games. Itโ€™s a community built on the foundations of escapism, camaraderie, and, most importantly, fun.

[EXD] Philosophy: Fun, Community, and Inclusiveness

Running a gaming community is no small feat. It requires balancing rules with freedom, ensuring order without stifling the joy of gaming. EXD has always prioritized a ‘pub’ mentality, fostering a space where friends can relax, laugh, and engage in friendly competition after a long day.

“Sharing in the good timesโ€ฆ” – this motto encapsulates EXD’s ethos. The community is dedicated to providing an escape from daily stresses, with a focus on team-based fun. Their weekly gaming events are not just about competition; theyโ€™re about building connections, sharing experiences, and, most importantly, having a great time.

Why Join the EXD Community on Squad 44?

The new Squad 44 server is more than just a gaming platform; it’s a testament to EXD’s commitment to its core values. Here, you can:

  • Connect: Meet like-minded gamers who value fun and camaraderie.
  • Play: Enjoy a diverse range of games in a pressure-free environment.
  • Participate: Engage in weekly events, adding your unique touch to the community.

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