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Howdy folks!

It’s been a real rollercoaster of a ride for Exodus over the course of the last few months. The administrative teams are working at full steam ahead across a multitude of areas in the community, from intense Hell Let Loose trainings to weekly Board Game events, to a new Exodus system being developed to alleviate the administrative burden from the admin teams and to new server rules introducing a kick warning first policy.  


As you may or may not know, Exodus was built with the culture of being at the pub with good company. Looking to replicate the feeling of groups of friends sitting around an old, shabby chic table, sharing in the good times. Be it in conversation about work, in game, sharing hilarious videos or catching up on what your mother’s uncle aunt did at the weekend. As the landlords we’re always continually looking to make the ‘Exodian Arms’ the place to be in town.

 Of course, we wouldn’t want visitors to enter and cause a ruckus among the patrons with the use of language that wouldn’t be deemed acceptable in a public setting and likewise, a pub landlord wouldn’t want their own patrons to brawl over ‘banter’ that may have gone too far. This is part of the reason to why we have teams in Exodus to ensure that the pub’s boundaries provide enough freedom to allow patrons and visitors to enjoy the setting in their own way.

And I believe this is where we have perhaps over optimised our ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’s – our rules as per sé. As a good pub landlord would do, we hold up our hands as this has caused upset among some of our regular patrons, guests and members. We have listened, we have revised, we have discussed at length the thoughts and feedback of many to present a new defined boundary in Exodus. A defined boundary that is sensible with common sense prevailing when it comes to the use of language. It is an impossible task to please everyone, but rest assured these boundaries have been looked at and revised. Here are some updates:

has been fully reworked and revamped (and is still being worked on) to ensure only the foulest of language is dealt with automatically. We mistakenly had an issue with the Discord Bot whereby it would flag racial slurs inside a word, causing many false positives to be raised and punishment to be delivered. 

We are not here to control your language or act like ‘child minders’, nor do we want to appear to be. Our aim for Exodus is for those to come online, to play games and to have fun with each other – that is it, nothing more and nothing less. We are here to set a boundary that one would come to expect if you were physically at a social setting with IRL friends, a gathering, a wedding, a pub, with family, an event etc. We don’t want patrons to shout across to others some unwelcoming foul message, nor do we want patrons to be so comfortable that they believe it’s ok to speak to others like they would speak to an arch nemesis. Boundaries are needed and this is a key point to understand, otherwise this pub mentality, with candles lit, oak stained mahogany serving the finest craft beers, soon turns into a fight club, with no tables, no landlord, no gaming servers, no friendship groups.

have been brought in to alleviate the pressure from the admin groups who daily speak with those that are not on favourable terms regarding foul language. This now means, when someone uses language that is deemed far below the acceptable levels in public, a kick warning will be delivered in-game clearly stating that their behaviour is below expectations. If that same person, then re-joins and continues to try and post foul language, a ban will be applied, and the duration applied to that ban will depend on the severity. This will take a few days to be implemented, given the automated triggers and implementations that are already in place of needing to be worked out.

We would like to encourage members to raise tickets upon needing help and assistance regarding community related areas of Exodus. Community admins have been on the sharp end of the receiving end of unfavourable comments and a tarnished image painted of them. Community admins are there for assistance, help, reporting foul behaviour in Discord and will be at your beck and call when you require help. A voluntary role, just like all of our admins in Exodus. The Community Admins cannot be held accountable for every dispute, brawl, or foul behaviour between one person and another, nor can we help out every situation, every offense taken or every argument that has happened. Community admins will intervene only when a scenario is in absolute dire circumstances and will take more. As a community, a pub, we are focused on a relaxed atmosphere, getting along with each other is most important. Common sense prevails.  

We have seen an incredible improvement in the HLL Comp team and the @HLL Event Admin team. We can’t thank you all enough for the progress that has been seen, from admin to player – thank you. There’s certainly been ups and downs (as like any competitive team that forms up) and we are so incredibly glad and appreciative of the efforts put forward by everyone – absolutely everyone. We understand as the team begins to gel more, becomes a solid unit that the shared banter increases and relationships develop to a far more friendly, laddish environment. However, it’s important to note that we still strive and aim for respect and what is deemed socially accepted in an offline manner – I.E., speaking with those as you would at an event, wedding, pub, friendly gathering etc. Common sense prevails and we simply ask those to be mindful. We want these friendships, banter, and relationships to exist, develop and long-term companions to share in the good times.

The Event Initiator role has now been fully launched in Exodus! Allowing [EXD] members to be able to host gaming events for the community. Become recognised in a Discord of over 5,000 members by hosting gaming events for friends and companions. Head on over to our Discord and click on #admin-recruitment channel to open up an Event Initiator ticket to begin the process!

We’re making great strides forward as a unit in the community and we’ll always change, tweak and update various areas of Exodus to try and make it work for as many as possible. It’s a tough job – it’s very draining at times, it’s unpaid for work and we simply look for people to jump online, play games together and share in the good times.


We do genuinely thank you for your support, your efforts, your time, your trust in us. 


Thank you,

[EXD] Glovey

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