• Welcome to eXodus gaming. A community focused on bringing gamers together to share good times.

Being part of a community such as Exodus elevates the experience you get out of video games. Sharing in the good times, being part of a group, a common shared goal all adds to that teamwork and focused atmosphere which can lead to a huge breadth of satisfaction in gaming achievements.

However, gaming communities can be very demanding and draining for administrators and we respectfully ask that you think twice about your actions.

We simply ask for everyone to treat each other with respect and utilise common sense


Exodus is built on a solid, mature and community orientated driven book of rules that we ask every member to adhere to.

Managing a large community is a challenging task and it only requires a few individuals to bring the overall image of the community into disrepute. This is why we outline the guidelines and rules below, allowing us to make it ultra crystal clear on the social guidelines of how members should behave.ย 




If you ever have a problem, an issue or something to discuss regarding the community, then please touch base with our Community Admins. They are there to help, assist and provide a supportive service for any [EXD] member in need of assistance.ย 

Navigate to the #admin-request channel in Discord and open up a new ticket with the community admins which’ll create a new, private channel for you to discuss your needs.

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