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Hey everyone,

At last, the team is excited to announce that all going well, Update 12 ‘Falling Dark’ will release tomorrow Tuesday July 19th 11am BST. We are all very eager to see the community enjoying the New Maps Remagen, Low light/night variants of popular maps and Omaha Beach with new Modes.

Additional items including new Vehicles (Panther and M4A3 Sherman), Flare Guns and a host of other new content are also crammed in with this update. In our brief today we also will take the time to feature new DLC for U12, VOIP improvements, Changes to how primary weapons are shown on players, Sorting out those pesky vehicle wrecks, improved lighting effects on night maps and more.

STEAM Store DLC and Unlockable Cosmetics

For those who may not have seen, alongside the Update 12 release we will also implement some new DLC commander uniforms for all factions:

Upper Echelon – US Summer Service Uniform

Upper Echelon – German Field Blue Heer Officer Uniform

Red Marshal – Soviet M35 Officer Uniform

The commander DLC will comprise of two different packs named “Upper Echelon” and “Red Marshal”. These will soon be available for PC on the Steam Store and they contain the following:

  • Upper Echelon: German Field Blue Heer Officer Uniform and US Summer Service Uniform

  • Red Marshal: Soviet M35 Officer Uniform

Note: The Red Marshal pack will be free to download


Voip QOL improvements

VOIP has been a mainstay for critical communications in Hell Let Loose from its very beginning. We are constantly looking at ways to improve the player experience for the ingame VOIP mechanics. We are excited to announce in update 12 we have been able to implement a more extensive volume control system.

There are three layers of VOIP channels within HLL consisting of ‘Local’, ‘Unit’ and ‘Command’ chat respectively. In addition to the previous single overall voice volume option of these we have now added a volume slider to each VOIP channel. This will allow players to raise or lower the volume for Local, Unit and Command chat as they see fit.

We believe that the expanded volume control options for VOIP will enrich all player communications and make it a more streamlined method of comms on the battlefields. Improved communications will lead to better teamwork and more enjoyable overall gaming experience.

We continue to work with our VOIP partner VIVOX, and will continue to improve HLL comms as much as possible. We have plans to implement further improvements in Update 13.

Primary Weapons Now Sling onto Players Backs

To add to the atmosphere on the battlefield we have implemented the animations of a player’s primary weapon to now be shown on their back when they switch to an alternate weapon or item.

Function wise players will not notice much of a difference to their gameplay, however for those around them, the look of a weapon slung on a players back will add another dimension to the immersion of HLL. We will consider all feedback and any animation and bug concerns.


Destroying Wrecked Vehicles

We are adding in the ability for players to destroy wrecked vehicles. The destruction of a wreck can be achieved using tank shells, AT-guns, shoulder fired rockets or satchels.

The destruction of player driven vehicle wrecks will have a few effects for players to consider. If a vehicle is destroyed in a choke point area it can now be removed to free up the flow of the battle, rather than waiting on the timed demolition.

Conversely players will need to be aware that the wrecks of player driven vehicles are now not as dependable for ‘Hard cover’ during a firefight due to the ability for them to be removed suddenly. However with cover in mind, the static wrecks placed on the battlefields by default are impervious to this destruction feature. Typically these are notably identified as ‘burning’ wrecks

Improved Lighting effects on night maps

We have been very busy working on ways to improve the mood and atmosphere of the low light/night maps rolling out in Update 12. Some of the items we are fine tuning for this process include:

Adding lighting to the following in-game FX for better visuals on night maps (initial implementation has been kept on the subtle side of things):

  • Muzzle Flashes
  • Artillery cannons
  • Tank cannons
  • Panzerschreck/Bazooka rockets

New Player Achievements

Update 12 will also feature a host of new achievements for you all to get your teeth into:
Added the following new Achievements:

  • Not a bridge too far!
  • MG goes BRRRR!
  • You can run, but you can’t hide!
  • I don’t need no Nightvision Goggles!
  • Soldier of the Month
  • Commend and Conquer!
  • War Hero
  • Deputy of Death
  • Do Svidaniya!
  • I spy, I spy, with my little eye…
  • Cleanup down isle 3
  • Geneva Genocide!
  • There can only be one!
  • One with the shadow…
  • Spot On!
  • Breaking the Geneva Convention
  • Its over two thousand!
  • Humble lifestyle
  • Its like fashion week!
  • Rock, Paper, Tank!
  • And so it begins…
  • Rain Hell
  • Beat the DEV (Medic)

As per every update, we want to thank our original Kickstarter backers. Your support was what enabled us to begin this journey almost five years ago. We know that crowdfunded projects are always a huge risk – more often than not failing to materialize at all. We want to thank you for taking a chance on us, and we’re excited to continue moving forwards, fulfilling our mandate.

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